DRIPsox is a brand built upon community, with a passion for building relationships and supporting others to express themselves. It’s this kind of thinking that has lead to the
creation of our 3 tiered system! This structure means that we can now process and
organise the overwhelming amount of collaboration requests we’re receiving, in
a much better and more inclusive way.

Having 3 tiers allows us to offer opportunities to the majority of people who apply, as long as they align with of our basic onboarding criteria. This means we can give back to our valued DRIPsox fans. We can partner with emerging talents, coaches, businesses and grassroots clubs. And we can establish sponsorship deals with elite athletes, household names and professional sports clubs & organisations.

Introducing our 3Tiers:

TIER 1 - OfficialDRIPsox Sponsorship

TIER 2- DRIPsox Partnership

TIER 3 - DRIPsox FanCollaboration

If your background is in Sport, Fitness, Fashion, or maybe all three... you could be just the kind of collaboration we’re looking for! To give you a basic idea of some relationships we already have, see below:

Sports clubs, athletes and coaches from grassroots to professional level Media platforms, talents and personalities with relevance to sport, fitness or fashion Businesses and organisations with relevance to sport, fitness or fashion Professional experts, bloggers and enthusiasts with relevance to sport, fitness or fashion

Gyms and Sports/Fitness Centres

By collaborating with us you will receive a host of benefits, with each Tier offering something slightly different. So if you’re interested in coming on the journey with us and growing together, then get in touch and let’s see if we can work something out.

Please note, due to the high volume of interest, we can only reply to those who we see potential in working with.

Thank you, DRIPsox.